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B.G.E Family

This page is dedicated to the ones we have seen through from the beginning

Neo Vecci &
Mic Crenshaw

Knowledge SV

Tanner Aux

Remember Face

Finding My Wayz

Tanner AUX is an independent hip hop/rap artist residing in Ellensburg, WA and based out of Buckley, WA. 
 In his music, Tanner AUX looks to provide The Truth about his personal experiences, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and actions through the lens of music. He views music as an emotion and a form of true expression. Emotions can connect with everyone.

Rebel Wise by Neo Vecci & Mic Crenshaw

Debut collaboration across 3 continents featuring Xamada singing in Portuguese in honor of one of the primary warriors of Yoruban spirituality: Xangô the God of Thunder, drum and dance. Also featuring dancer Oluyinka Akinjiola (Nigeria) and emcees Mic Crenshaw (Portland), Pharaoh The 47 (Los, Nigeria) and Neo Vecci (shifting dimensions).


Knowledge SV fell in love with the art of Hip Hop as a young boy in Nigeria. His elder relatives always had the latest records in the early 90’s, and set the example that Knowledge would soon follow. Throughout his teens you hardly ever saw him without a Walkman or Disc Player, which soon evolved into creating the content that he had grown passionate about.


Remember Face is a psychedelic hip hop group from Seattle, WA formed in 2016. The group is composed of vocalist Chimaroke “chima the s” Abuachi and producer Andrew Savoie who created the group while performing previously with 4 piece Seattle super group, Nu Era. The duo are known for their thought evoking wordplay, uncommon instrumentals and exploratory background visuals.

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